The Rezort (aka Generation Z) (2015)

The Rezort (aka Generation Z) (2015)MOVIE DETAILS
Name: The Rezort (aka Generation Z)
Year: 2015
Country: UK, Spain, Belgium
Director: Steve Barker
Main cast: Dougray Scott, Jessica De Gouw, Martin McCann
Runtime: 93 minutes
Production company: LWH Entertainment, Umedia, Kraken Films

These are indeed crazy times. This world is going down to the sink and it feels like we don’t care. Massive exodus of entire populations running away from wars created by speculating corporations, pharmaceutical companies controling what diseases to spread or contain, crazy religious groups committing intolerable acts, politicians allowing their countries to succumb in poverty while the few rich people are getting even richer… It sounds like from the movies, but it is the current real world.

The Rezort (aka Generation Z) takes place after a suposed to be near-apocalyptic zombie outbreak, once the war against the living dead is over and humans have again taken control of what is going on in this planet. And then, as always, humans did what they do best: to make business out of pain and suffering. Like if it was a mix between Jurassic Park (1993) and World War Z (2013), this zombie safari allows anybody who can afford it to feel what is to hunt the undead. A park with the latest technology takes care everything is under control. But, as always happens in ficton (only in fiction?), not everybody wants it that way.

Directed by Steve Barker (cretor of the acclaimed Outpost (2008)), The Rezort (aka Generation Z) is a typical zombie survival film but it also focus strongly in matters of social criticism. The problem is at the end the whole thing stays in nothing. Besides the refreshing start point idea, the plot is predictable and uninteresting. The acting is never convincing and the editing and happening of events never allows the audience to get into the film. At least, thanks to very efficient makeup and special effects that keeps us still into the movie douring the many action scenes, otherwise this film could result a tedious torture. The pretty mediterranean landscapes of Palma de Mallorca, where the evil “rezort” is placed, also play a good piece of equilibrium between action boredom and a watchable product. Yeah, you take out of there the bad plot and the lame actors and direction, and with or without zombies the island looks like somewhere I would like to go for vacations.

At the end, The Rezort (aka Generation Z) might be remembered as the good film that could had been after a not very bad idea but it wasn’t. Or maybe it won’t be remembered at all.

RATE: 4/10


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