The 4th installment for “The Purge” is expected next year’s summer

The 4th installment for "The Purge" is expected next year's summer

Like the fictitious annual Purge, since the first film was released, The Purge (2013), almost every year we have had a new installment of the series of films. If last year’s The Purge: Election Year (2016) looked like an attempt to close the franchise in the form of a trilogy, now we are getting informations that talk about a resurgence of the series as a prequel. For those who don’t know about The Purge concept, it is an american holiday where any crime of any kind is allowed for 12 hours. Any kind. Stealing, raping, murdering…. anything your evil soul can desire. It was set as a release for an angry self destructive society and the government claimed to have worked fine. But after the events in the mentioned third film, The Purge seemed condemned to be revoked.

James DeMonaco, the creator of the film series, writer, director and producer of the first trilogy, has admited he is in the works for a fourth movie about The Purge, and it might focus on the very first annual Purge. A plot that many people speculate is that President Charlene Roan will get assassinated leaving Minister Edwidge Owens for President and for The Purge of course to continue. What seems to be clear, although not confirmed, is that James DeMonaco is only taking the duties of writer and producer, but this time he won’t direct it. Blumhouse Productions, who are in control of the rights for this new installment, might be searching for a director to carry on with this new project, which doesn’t have an official title yet. It is rumored to be called The Purge and The Fury, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Neither we know anything about the cast. Frank Grillo, the star in the second and third sequels of The Purge, said in an interview that he would only return if the script is really good and James DeMonacco will have something to do with the movie. So everything is still in the air.

The trilogy of The Purge have been one of the most profitable horror and thriller films of the last decade, thanks to the small budget and the big box office success all three movies have had. It is easy to think producers want to squeez harder the purging golden goose and that negociations in every aspect will go smooth. Therefore it’s easy to expect the so called Purge 4 film will hit theaters world wide in summer next year, as scheduled.