A boy is blessed with the ability to travel to parallel worlds in “Portal Runner”

A boy is blessed with the ability to travel to parallel worlds in "Portal Runner"
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Portal Runner (2021) has been described as a nail-biting, action-packed, sci-fi adventure for the entire family, so this time we shouldn’t expect horrific happenings or gallons of blood, sorry. But, at least, a long hour of entertainment and fantasy has been promised.

The movie centers on a 15-year-old boy Nolan who discovers a secreted family legacy and a portal than enables him to travel to parallel worlds. It’s a young boy’s dream come true until it becomes a nightmare when he realizes he’s being pursued across the ages by an evil force. When he becomes stranded on Christmas in an alternate timeline with his quirky family and a rebellious and petulant older sister he’s never met before, he realizes Mae may be the key to defeating his adversary and must enlist her help fast before it’s too late for them all.

This is the new movie by Cornelia Duryée, a family-oriented filmmaker known for titles like The Dark Horse (2008) and Camilla Dickinson (2012), who already took a darker twist in her career with mysery drama West of Redemption (2015). Theee screenplay has been written by J.D. Henning and Tallis Moore.

The main cast for Portal Runner (2021) is formed by Sloane Morgan Siegel, Elise Eberle, Brian S. Lewis, Denny McAuliffe, Shaunyce Omar, Carol Roscoe, and Matt Shimkus.

The movie is scheduled for a digital release on December 10, 2021, by Terror Films. Watch here the official trailer for Portal Runner (2021).