A dark website is bringing hell on three friends on a road trip in “Terror Eyes”

A dark website is bringing hell on three friends on a road trip in "Terror Eyes"

Get a mask, any camera device, a small sense of goodness and a website with lots of bloodthirsty followers and you can become a serious threat. Then, look for your your favorite prey, normally good looking youngsters, and then you have carte blanche to commit your attrocities. Or at least that’s what happens in horror-thriller Terror Eyes (2021).

The movie centers on three friends head out to Joshua Tree to hike, check out Palm Springs and attend a music festival. But they realize that something is following them in the shadows, harassing them and their trip quickly turns to terror. Trying to figure out what to do, the group learns that everything comes from a dark website called “Terror Eyes” and that someone will die.

Terror Eyes (2021) is written and directed by Delaney Bishop. It is his debut feature film after a few short films, some TV works, and being behind the 2009 Marilyn Manson music video for the song Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon.

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Robert Romanus, Lisseth Chavez, Arlene Santana, Ayla Kell, and Riker Lynch form the main cast.

Terror Eyes (2021) has been nominated for Best Story at Santa Fe Film Festival 2021 and has won some awards including the Festival Award of Excellence and Best First Time Filmmaker at Hollywood Horrorfest, and Best First Time Filmmaker at Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival. Indican Pictures has scheduled the movie for a release on June 8, 2021. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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