A demonic cop is terrorizing a city in “Amityville Cop”

A demonic cop is terrorizing a city in "Amityville Cop"

If you are in the mood for a low-budget film with action and gruesome murders, and you don’t mind much if the script, the direction, and the acting are decent enough, maybe you could give a try to Amityville Cop (2021).

The movie is set in a city haunted by a bloody past that has led to the emergence of some serious police brutality. As bodies pile up, two detectives seek to stop a demonic force that is terrorizing the neighborhood. Yeah, a zombie-cop, or a demon-cop, or however you wanna call it. Fuck yeah!

This is the new movie from prolific horror producer and director Gregory Hatanaka, who has been responsible for other titles including Mad Cowgirl (2006), Hunter (2015), Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015), Caged Beauty (2016), Darling Nikki (2019), Choke (2020), and Quarantine Girl (2020), and has worked with stars like Bai Ling, James Duval, or Norman Reedus. Geno McGahee, known for Scary Tales (2014), Sickle (2015), Scary Tales: Last Stop (2015), Exorcism of the 7th Demon (2017), Satanic Meat Cleaver Massacre (2017), Halloween Tales (2017), and The Haunting of La Llorona (2019), has been the writer and producer.

The main cast for Amityville Cop (2021) is formed by Jason Toler, Nicole D’Angelo, Chris Spinelli, Jeffrey Moon, Lovie Johnson, Laurene Landon, Craijece Lewis, Lisa London, Johnny Mask, and Leonard Zhang.

The movie is already available on digital platforms. Here you can watch the official trailer for Amityville Cop (2021).