A doctor working for the criminal underworld breaks the rules in “Black Medicine”

A doctor working for the criminal underworld breaks the rules in "Black Medicine"

Maybe I am too innocent and naive and I have no idea how things really work in this strange world we live in, but I’ve always wondered if there is out there a network of services for the people who live outside the law. Mail delivery for the ones who don’t want to give out their name and address, stores to buy special weapons and ammunition for assassins, alternative schooling for the children of the criminals, and, overall, a medical system in case some of the outlaws get sick or get involved in one of their unfortunate “accidents” that seem to be so common in their world. At least, I get the answer for one of those questions in the dark thriller Black Medicine (2021), which just came out this month.

The movie centers on a young medic, Jo, who performs illegal operations for a sinister criminal organization to earn extra money. But when the job takes a dark turn and a girl pleads with the medic for shelter, Jo is torn between right and wrong. She must choose between breaking her medical oath or crossing her ruthless employers.

This is the debut feature film of writer and director Colum Eastwood after a few short films and being a production assistant in 47 Ronin (2013). The movie is starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Orla Brady, Amybeth McNulty, Desmond Eastwood, Beccy Henderson, Keith McErlean, Lalor Roddy, John Connors, Shashi Rami, Fo Cullen, and Julie Lamberton.

Distributed by Signature Entertainment, Black Medicine (2021) is available on digital platforms on July 12, 2021. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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