A grieving shepherd meets a vengeful supernatural force in “Shepherd”

A grieving shepherd meets a vengeful supernatural force in "Shepherd"

Shepherd (2021) is a British horror drama centering on a young Scottish shepherd who following the death of his unfaithful wife fights to maintain his own sanity when the past catches up to him.

Running from grief after the mysterious death of his wife, Eric Black takes a job as a shepherd. Trapped alone on a majestic weather-beaten island with an ominous secret. One man’s spiraling madness meets a vengeful supernatural force. What starts as the perfect wind-swept escape becomes a race to save his sanity and his life.

This is the new movie written and directed by Russell Owen, an awards-winner filmmaker with his short film Anglesey Road (2009) who debuted with a feature film with thriller Welcome to the Majority (2013) and followed with zombies horror Inmate Zero (2020).

The main cast is formed by Tom Hughes, known for the TV drama series Victoria (2016–2019) and also starring The Incident (2015), Realive (2016), and Infinite (2021), Kate Dickie, popular for Prometheus (2012), The Witch (2015), and one of the most acclaimed titles of the year, The Green Knight (2021), Primetime Emmy Awards winner for Broken Trail (2006) and Rasputin (1996) Greta Scacchi, Gaia Weiss of TV series Vikings (2013–2020) fame, and Jamie Marie Leary.

Shepherd (2021) had its premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on 14 October 2021. Earlier this month it was also part of the Stockholm International Film Festival. It is scheduled to be released in the United Kingdom on 26 November 2021, by Darkland Distribution.

Here you can watch the trailer for Shepherd (2021).

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