A new virus spread by a shark bite is threatening the world in “Virus Shark”

A new virus spread by a shark bite is threatening the world in "Virus Shark"

Pandemics. Pandemics and viruses. That’s all we seem to be able to think of nowadays. And movies have always been a reflection of reality. So if it’s not madness from being locked home, it is a world pandemic with a lethal virus. But someone thought mixing the pandemic fever with sharks in the style of Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea (1999) was a good idea, and that gave birth to Virus Shark (2021).

In the movie, a shark bite spreads a virus, SHVID-1, across the globe, turning the world upside down. Deep below the ocean, a group of researchers race against time to find a cure. Something has infected the lab technicians and it’s a race against time to reach the surface with an antidote before they are all killed by themselves and the sharks lurking inside the test pool and outside in the ocean.

Virus Shark (2021) is the new movie by Mark Polonia, a filmmaker with a wide experience in low-budget science-fiction and horror movies responsible for a huge collection of titles since the mid-1980s including Razorteeth (2005), Chainsaw Killer (2013), Jurassic Prey (2015), Bigfoot Vs. Zombies (2016), Land Shark (2017), Camp Blood Kills (2019), or Shark Encounters of the Third Kind (2020).

Yolie Canales, Steve Diasparra, Natalie Himmelberger, Titus Himmelberger, Noyes J. Lawton, Jamie Morgan, and Ken Van Sant form the main cast.

The movie will be released as a limited physical edition and on digital on April 13, 2021, via SRS Cinema. Here you can watch the official trailer for Virus Shark (2021).

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