A nightmare of murder, steroid rings, and assassins in “La Flamme Rouge”

A nightmare of murder, steroid rings, and assassins in "La Flamme Rouge"
Balthazar Getty in La Flamme Rouge (2021)

La Flamme Rouge (2021) is a crime thriller where one traumatic night turns into a nightmarish fever dream of murder, steroid rings, and assassins.

A violent night sends cycling champ, Rick Van Pelt, into a neon-drenched fever dream. Fueled by scotch and paranoia, he confronts Isaac about an affair with his fiancé. A shocking turn of events unveils their scheme to rip off a reclusive art dealer. Eccentric friends, old and new, fail to save Rick from the nocturnal underworld and his demons personified – a renegade detective his only hope.

This is the debut feature film of writers and directors the Maze Brothers, Brent Scott Maze and Derek Maze, after a few short films.

The main cast has some familiar faces to the David Lynch universe. Balthazar Getty, known for the dark masterpiece Lost Highway (1997), plays the lead together with Clint Howard, Todd Lowe, Charlie McElveen, Julia Farrell, Josh Martin, and Sebastian Quinn. Nicole LaLiberte and George Griffith, mostly recognized for their appearances in Twin Peaks: The Return (2017), play supporting roles.

La Flamme Rouge (2021) has been the winner of the Audience Award at the Omaha Film Festival and Best Original Score at the Paris Film Festival, and also has been nominated for Best Film in Anatolia International Film Festival and Around International Film Festival. Now it’s scheduled for a release by Level 33 Entertainment on November 5, 2021. Watch here its official trailer.

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