A woman inherites a house and much more in Mexican horror “El Exorcismo de Carmen Farías”

A woman inherites a house and much more in Mexican horror "El Exorcismo de Carmen Farías"

Although most commonly are exported productions in the areas of romance dramas and soap operas, Mexico has always been a country with a special sympathy for horror, especially when it comes to deal with the dead. Always with respect, assuming the decease of your loved ones as part of the life process, and sometimes almost like a festivity, Mexico is notorious for its abundant production of scary movies surrounding the dead, often even when this death occurred time ago. And El Exorcismo de Carmen Farías (2021) is a good exampe for that.

The movie, which title could be translated into English as The Exorcism of Carmen Farías, is a horror movie that centers on Carmen, a brave journalist, who discovers soon after her mother’s death that she has inherited her grandmother’s house. She decides to move there without knowing it hides dark secrets. And, no, it doesn’t seem to be a biography or documentary film, it is not to be mistaken with veteran actress María del Carmen Farias, known for her appearing in the crime film Las Aparicio (2015) and Netflix thiller series Ingobernable (2017– ).

Rodrigo Fiallega, an experienced digital effects artist who has participated in blockbusters like Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011), Olympus Has Fallen (2013), and The Expendables 3 (2014), is directing. This is his second feature film after the awards-winner drama Ricochet (2020). Molo Alcocer Délano has been the author of the screenplay and is producing.

The main cast is formed by Camila Sodi, Juan Pablo Castañeda, Juan Carlos Colombo, and Lucy Paez.

El Exorcismo de Carmen Farías (2021) is scheduled for a theatrical release in Mexico on May 5, 2021. Here you can watch its trailer.

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