A young woman moves home to nurse her grandmother in scary horror “The Creeping”

A young woman moves home to nurse her grandmother in scary horror "The Creeping"

The tagline creepy horror film The Creeping (2022) reads “that feeling you get when you wake up at night and sense something behind you… then it whispers your name”. Well, that has happened a couple of times to me and it sure is a genuine fright.

This is the story of a concerned young woman who moves home to look after her ailing grandmother and soon finds herself fighting a malevolent presence with a dark secret.

In the movie, due to a traumatic childhood experience, Anna hasn’t returned to her family home for many years. With her ailing grandmother, Lucy, suffering from worsening symptoms of dementia, Anna moves home to look after her. Soon after, strange things begin happening. Though benign at first, events soon escalate into a nightmarish fight for life against a malevolent presence. She discovers the ordeal is linked to a dark family secret, a tragic past that’s haunted Anna her whole life and Lucy’s fading memories could be the key to solving the mystery and surviving the nightmare.

This is the debut feature film of awards-winner writer, producer, and director Jamie Hooper after a long collection of short films including the comedy Plastic Love (2012) and horror Unto Death (2017). Helen Miles, who was also the sound editor of The Creeping (2022), has been the co-writer and co-producer.

The main cast is formed by Riann Steele, Sophie Thompson, Jonathan Nyati, Jane Lowe, Peter MacQueen, and David Horovitch.

The movie has achieved several awards including Best Indie, Best Director, and Best of the Fest at Panic Fest, Best Feature at The Dark Hedges Film Festival, and Dracula Trophy at the Dracula Film Festival. It was also part of the lineups of the Horrorhound Film Festival and Fantasmagoría – Festival de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Medellín.

Many genre specialized media has praised The Creeping (2022) quoting “With a terrific otherworldly atmosphere, The Creeping (2022) uses ghastly specters in white to masterfully terrorize Anna as she uncovers her family’s horrific past. Boasting a great cast and marvelous nostalgic scares, The Creeping (2022) skillfully succeeds at telling a spellbinding and frightening ghost story” – Daily Dead, and “Jamie Hooper makes an impressive feature film directorial debut with a well-crafted and thoroughly watchable ghost story– It embraces its horror roots, presenting itself as a nostalgic chiller centered around strong performances and a solid mystery” – Morbidly Beautiful.

The movie is out on digital by Dark Sky Films on March 3rd, 2023.

Watch the official trailer for The Creeping (2022) here.