Action thriller “Roadkill” brings together a group of criminals in a quest from God

Action thriller "Roadkill" brings together a group of criminals in a quest from God

The action thriller Roadkill (2022) tells the story of a thief operating along the highways of rural Australia who gets caught in the crossfires of an ongoing police investigation after he mugs a serial killer.

The movie centers on modern-day Highwayman Connor Shelby who spends his days on the isolated highways stealing from unsuspecting victims. He justifies his actions by saving his earnings in the hope of taking the love of his life, Lucy Miller, out of the harsh and unforgiving Australian outback. Across the country, in his ‘quest from God’, a serial killer moves from town-to-town executing those he believes to be ‘sinful’. Hot on his trail are Detectives Albert and Ernest, driven and logical, the pair follow the trail of bodies in an attempt to find and stop the brutal killer. Their hunt brings them to the South Australian town of Renmark, Connor’s current refuge. After two young men report being mugged on the highway, the detectives investigate and discover the two cases may be closer to one another than he first realized. After having his identity exposed, Connor’s hunt for redemption, justice, and most importantly, revenge, begins.

Alexander Whitrow is the producer, writer, director, and main protagonist in Roadkill (2022) marking this his feature film debut. He stated that the idea for the film came up when he was driving through the outback and thought about how easy it would be to get away with mugging someone with little more than a gun, mask, and a car. He wrote the screenplay not wanting to create another conventional ‘outback horror flick’, but rather a film where the audience cared about the story and the characters that inhabit it, not just gore and visual effects.

Robert Bell, Sarah Milde, Edward Boyd, Erik Strauts, Ash Watkins, Ryan Branden, Samuel James, Sachin Barclay, and Emma Bargery complete the main cast.

Roadkill (2022) had its world premiere at the Monster Fest in Australia on December 10, 2022. On April 20, 2023, it had a limited theatre in selected Australian cinemas. Now, it is scheduled for a digital release by Trinity Creative Partnership and Reel2Reel Films on May 23, 2023.

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