An evil troll terrorizes a German city in “Under ConTROLL”

An evil troll terrorizes a German city in "Under ConTROLL"

Actually, do you need anything else to get interested in the movie other than knowing it is called Under ConTROLL (2020)? Allow me to have a doubt… Also named Trolls World, the movie centers on an evil troll who was transformed into stone in the 15th century and is accidentally brought back to life.

Based on a legend from the Black Forest of Germany, Under ConTROLL (2020) follows an evil troll who was turned to stone and sealed inside a statue in the 15th century. He is inadvertently brought back to life in the present day and is hell-bent on getting revenge for his 700 years of silent suffering. To stay undetected, the troll possesses the body of sexy local villager Vanessa Mayer and sets his sights on opening a portal to the underworld which would unleash an army of trolls to help him take over the world. Only a bumbling scientist, a nosy neighbor, and Vanessa’s teenage daughter suspect that something is horribly wrong and try desperately to stop the troll from destroying everything and everyone in his path.

The movie is directed by Eric Dean Hordes, and he has also been responsible for the screenplay written together with Simon Hauschild and Alexander König. Eva Habermann, Helmut Krauss, Katy Karrenbauer, Jirí Lábus, George Hardy, Désirée Nick, Cecilia Pillado, Billie Zöckler, Ralf Bauer, and Britta Selling form the main cast.

Under ConTROLL (2020) was nominated in the FANtastic Horror Film Festival for the FANtastic Award for Best Feature Film and Best Actor in a Feature Film for George Hardy. The movie is already available in on-demand platforms. You can watch here its official trailer.

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