An urban legend haunts a small town in horror-thriller “Hoodman”

An urban legend haunts a small town in horror-thriller "Hoodman"
Madison Spear in Hoodman (2021). Photo © Nightwatcher Films

“Some Urban Legends Are Real” and “Be careful what you believe in” are the two taglines used in horror-thriller Hoodman (2021). And I guess they work fine to define what we are going to find in the film.

In it, an urban legend haunts a small town as a troubled young woman seeks to find her missing child. A relentless detective pieces together clues that lead them both to a suspected killer. As the mystery unfolds so does the frightening realization that the urban legend is real.

This is the new movie by writer, producer, and director Mark W. Curran, after his previous films Poe: In His Own Words, An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe (2016) and Abandoned Dead (2015). Madison Spear, Brock Morse, Skye Roberts, Zachary Rist, Jack James, Elle Taylor, Joe Finfera, Kerry Sullivan, and Claire Montgomery form the main cast.

Hoodman (2021) premiered on Amazon Prime Video last weekend, on May 1st, 2021. Here you can watch its official trailer

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