Andy Muschietti wants to adapt Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” as his next project

Andy Muschietti wants to adapt Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" as his next project

We are merely one month ahead for the release of It (2017), one of the most awaited movies of the year, and its director Andy Muschietti has already been expressing his desire to adapt another Stephen King story as new next project. And that’s something impossible to hide, the Muschietti siblings have an absolute devotion for Stephen King’s novels. In fact, they also own the rights for The Jaunt, a short story by King first published in 1981 in the Twilight Zone Magazine and then making its way into King’s 1985 Skeleton Crew collection. A project they wish to adapt to cinema some day. But not yet.

Andy Muschietti while talking about the imminent release for of It (2017) explained at Toronto Sun his wishes to be in charge of a new adaptation for Pet Sematary. In the words of Muschietti himself, “We’re huge fans of Pet Sematary. If we can get our hands on that and do the Pet Sematary we want to do, that will be something. One day, maybe”. And if the box office and critic results for It (2017) are as positive as it seems to be expected, perhaps this “maybe” can be sooner than later.

This wouldn’t be the first time the popular Stephen King novel has been taken to the big screen. A few decades ago we were pleased with an adaptation simply called Pet Sematary (1989), with a cameo by Stephen King himself and an exclusive Ramones song on the soundtrack, and its poor sequel Pet Sematary II (1992). Those two films are quite far away in time, and the passing years have not taken good care of them. So perhaps the studios think this could be a good moment to follow up the Stephen King hype we are living nowadays and show the green light for a new Pet Sematary adaptation. What does our audience think? Check out the trailer for Pet Sematary (1989) and see by yourself.

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