Another kind of violent home invasion in “For the Sake of Vicious”

Another kind of violent home invasion in "For the Sake of Vicious"

The fans of adrenaline, violence, action and horror can say thanks to Shudder one more time because this month they are releasing one of the most enjoyed titles in the horror circuit for the last 2 years. Been present in a bunch of film festivals, and despite it is already available on DVD and being on digital on several platforms, the addition of For the Sake of Vicious (2020) to the streaming service is nothing but good news.

The movie centers on Romina, an overworked nurse and single mother who returns home from her late shift on Halloween night to find a maniac hiding out with a bruised and beaten hostage. When an unexpected wave of violent intruders descends upon her home, the trio realizes the only way out of the situation is to work together and fight for their survival.

This is the new movie from the duo of producer, writer, and directors Gabriel Carrer, known for The Demolisher (2015), In the House of Flies (2012), Kill (2011), and If a Tree Falls (2010), and Reese Eveneshen, who has been behind Dead Genesis (2010), and Defective (2017).

The main cast in For the Sake of Vicious (2020) is formed by Lora Burke, Nick Smyth, Colin Paradine, James Fler, T.J. Kennedy, Adam Ewings, Boris Milinkovich, Nick Spartan, and Dorian Allen.

Since its premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival on September 2, 2020, the movie has been part of several international genre film festivals like Cinefest Sudbury, Hardine Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival, Ramaskrik Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show, FrightFest, TOHorror Fantastic Film Festival, Popcorn Frights Film Festival, South Africa Horrorfest, Molins Film Festival, Grimmfest International Festival of Fantastic Film, and Night Visions Film Festival. Now it will be part of the Shudder catalog on January 6, 2022.

Watch here the trailer for For the Sake of Vicious (2020).