“Aquaslash” is the refreshing gory summer experience we needed

"Aquaslash" is the refreshing gory summer experience we needed

Those who are summertime lovers have many reasons to be disappointed this year with the global pandemic we have in our garden that has collapsed down pretty much all plans we had for this 2020. But not all should be sour faces and tantrums because today we give you another refreshing reason to cheer up your summery free time. If you are a lover of classic summertime killing flicks such as Piranha (1978), or even better Piranha 3D (2010), and the Jaws (1975) saga, and you can always use some bloody slashing in the Friday the 13th (1980) style keep reading because Aquaslash (2019) could be the perfect movie for you.

In the movie, to celebrate their graduation, the teenagers from Valley Hills High School have organized an ’80s-themed party in an old water park. Things grow gruesome when it turns out that a mysterious maniac has inserted giant razor blades into the water slides. The Wet Valley water park thus becomes the backdrop for a bloodbath (literally), and everyone is a suspect.

Aquaslash (2019) is the second film written and directed by Renaud Gauthier after serial killer horror-disco flick Discopath (2013). The main cast is formed by Nicolas Fontaine, Brittany Drisdelle, Nick Walker, Madelline Harvey, Paul Zinno, Chip Chuipka, Howard Rosenstein, Ryan Ali, Cameron Geller, Lanisa Dawn, Ivan Ossa, Samantha Hodhod, Jeremy Lavigne, and Suzanna Lenir.

Aquaslash (2019) was part of some film festivals along the last year 2019 including Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada and Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival in France. Now it is available on Video on Demand since last month. Here you can watch the official trailer for the movie:

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