“Bigfoot vs Megalodon”: Prepare for an epic fight

"Bigfoot vs Megalodon": Prepare for an epic fight

I have a weakness with this kind of movies. Science-fiction in the hands of small-budget productions made by filmmakers that won’t take it seriously and just want to have some fun. What is not to like! So here we get Bigfoot vs a Nazi Shark in space. Welcome to Bigfoot vs Megalodon (2021).

It’s star year 4045 AD. A period of relative calm exists between the Allies and their mortal enemies, the Archons – but that uneasy truce is shattered with the appearance of the fearsome Nazi-era laboratory project, the Megalodon! Having escaped a barren Planet Earth, the shark-man hybrid seeks revenge for the destruction of its natural habitat, and aims to slaughter any and all who get in its way! But, what the Allies don’t know is that due to a special DNA trait that can transmute the human race back into reptilian form – the meg is wanted by the Archons. With war suddenly re-ignited, the Allied leader Princess Kali, Van Helsing, and Bigfoot once again prepare to take on General Stalin, Aleister Crowley, and their leagues of bloodthirsty lizard soldiers.

BC Fourteen has been the writer, editor, and director of Bigfoot vs Megalodon (2021). He is known for a very wide collection of short films, documentaries, and horror and science-fiction productions having participated in over 100 scripts, including Bigfoot vs the Illuminati (2020). Marco Guzman, Jennifer Fourteen, Wes Bruff, Robert Forth, Carl Folds, and Tony Cliftonson star.

Bigfoot vs Megalodon (2021) is out on April 6, 2021. Here you can watch its official trailer via the Teaser-Trailer.com YouTube channel.

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