Bruce Willis against an interstellar terror in action/sci-fi “Breach”

Bruce Willis against an interstellar terror in action/sci-fi "Breach"
Bruce Willis, Rachel Nichols, and Cody Kearsley in a scene of "Breach" (2020)

Bah, my friends call me a grinch because I always say I don’t like Christmas. But, what is to like? Horrible music and ugly lousy expensive not very eco-friendly decoration, kids crying on the streets playing their cruel role in this consumerist society, and the imposed obligation that everybody should be happy, just because. Leaving religion aside, and centering only on a social aspect, no, I don’t like Christmas. Anyway, what could be your favorite Christmas movie? For me, it’s hard to say. But one that is surely on the top positions of the list is Die Hard (1988). And why am I mentioning this? Because its main star, Bruce Willis, has a new action film ready for us. This time, action happens in outer space, and the movie is entitled Breach (2020).

Formerly called Anti-Life, the movie is placed in the future, when fleeing a devastating plague on Earth an interstellar ark comes under attack from a new threat: a shape-shifting alien force intent on slaughtering what is left of humanity. A junior mechanic aboard that last-hope-for-humanity ship on the way to New Earth must outwit the malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon.

Bruce Willis has next to him two known names in the action and horror films genre: Rachel Nichols, who is known for appearing in The Amityville Horror (2005), The Woods (2006), P2 (2007), Star Trek (2009), G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009), Conan the Barbarian (2011), Raze (2013), and Inside (2016), amongst others, and Thomas Jane, who has been the main star in titles like Deep Blue Sea (1999), Dreamcatcher (2003), The Punisher (2004), and The Mist (2007), and has also taken part in The Crow: City of Angels (1996), Face/Off (1997), and The Predator (2018). Together with them, Cody Kearsley, Kassandra Clementi, Johnny Messner, Corey Large, Callan Mulvey, Timothy V. Murphy, Johann Urb, Ralf Moeller, Angie Pack, Swen Temmel, and Elicia Davies also star.

John Suits, responsible for other action, science-fiction and horror titles like Breathing Room (2008), The Scribbler (2014), Pandemic (2016), and 3022 (2019), and who already worked with Bruce Willis in the short piece DieHard is Back (2020), has been the director of Breach (2020). The movie has been written by Edward Drake, the director of Broil (2020), and Corey Large, producer of It Follows (2014).

Breach (2020) is distributed by Saban Films in the USA, Signature Entertainment in the UK, and Film Mode Entertainment for the rest of the world. The movie is Rated R for language throughout and some bloody violence. It will be available in theaters and on-demand and digital on December 18, 2020. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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