“Bullet Train Down”, The Asylum’s take on a fast train with a bomb

"Bullet Train Down", The Asylum's take on a fast train with a bomb

Bullet Train (2022), coming out this weekend and starring Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, will probably be one of the hit movies this summer. So the people from The Asylum couldn’t skip the chance to bring out their own version of the film. This time no monsters, alien invasions, or strange mutations. Just an action film with elements from another classic of the genre, Speed (1994).

In Bullet Train Down (2022), on its maiden run, the world’s fastest bullet train is rigged with a bomb that will explode if it dips below 200 mph.

The movie has been directed by Brian Nowak, who has already been behind some of the company titles being responsible for Meteor Moon (2020), Megalodon Rising (2021), and Jurassic Domination (2022). Alex Heerman, the writer of Airliner Sky Battle (2020) and Megaboa (2021), has been in charge of the screenplay.

Bullet Train Down (2022) is starring Rashod Freelove, Ryan Youngwoong Kim, Xander Bailey, Carolina Vargas, Lesley Grant, Dylan J. Harris, Caleb Lowell, Zack Gold, Erica Duke, and Tom Sizemore as the popular face not in the best moment of their career that populates these kinds of parody-like films.

The movie got out on July 29, 2022, on the usual The Asylum distribution channels.

Watch here the official trailer for Bullet Train Down (2022).