“Captive”: A teenager must escape from the man who keeps her hostage

"Captive": A teenager must escape from the man who keeps her hostage

Captive (2020) is a horror and psychological thriller about a teenage girl who runaway who’s trapped by a delusional man, pretends to be his daughter in order to escape. The man suffers from a disease based on the delusional misidentification syndrome, in which patients misidentify familiar persons, objects, or themselves, and believe that they have been replaced or transformed.

This is the new movie from the producer, writer, and director Savvas Christou, a multi-awarded short films and music videos director.

The main cast is formed by the young Tori Kostic in her first lead star role in a feature, and William Kircher, known for being Bifur in The Hobbit movies saga. Jolene Andersen, Meghan Hanako, Jairus Carey, Chris Barry, and David Lee Hess complete the main cast.

The movie has taken part in American genre film festivals like Frightening Ass Film Fest, Nevermore Film Festival, HorrorHound Film Festival, and Panic Fest where it has achieved several wins and nominations. Vertical Entertainment released the film on digital on May 7, 2021. Here you can watch the trailer for Captive (2020).