Check out horror slasher “Last of the Grads”, already out on digital

Check out horror slasher "Last of the Grads", already out on digital

Last of the Grads (2021) is presented as a classic horror-slasher film, with a group of teenagers as the victims of a masked serial killer wielding a knife up and down.

In the movie, for the past month, the nation has been captivated by a series of letters to the media claiming responsibility for dozens of unsolved murders spanning across the United States over the last 25 years. The “Coast to Coast Killer” is the topic of speculation anywhere and everywhere. Could he really be out there? Meanwhile, in the quiet town of Shelby Florida, school’s out, but softhearted high school senior Emma Bradley isn’t quite ready to move on. Her childhood bestie Donna McCormick persuades her to go to the annual senior bash for one last hurrah before their lives change forever.

This is the debut feature of the team formed by Jay Jenkins and Collin Kliewe, who are the writers, producers, and directors of the film.

The main cast is formed by Michael Vincent Berry, Jennings Brower, Jadon Cal, Matt Catanzaro, Michael Cherbini, Noah Diggs, Joey DiSomma, Peter Donahue, Sara Eklund, Jim Fitzpatrick, Reed Foster, Chloe Friedman, and Ted Gibson.

The movie is available on digital via Keyway Pictures. Here you can watch the trailer for Last of the Grads (2021).

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