Check out the trailer for “Thoroughbreds”, coming up next March

Check out the trailer for "Thoroughbreds", coming up next March

The movie Thoroughbreds (2017) has been called ” American Psycho meets Heathers“. I guess that is a pretty simple definition of a flick where the line that separates social welfare and psychopathy is thin, very thin. Especially when the main characters are two upper-class teenage girls in suburban Connecticut, that rekindle their unlikely friendship after years of growing apart; and together, they hatch a plan to solve both of their problems-no matter what the cost. That is the main plot of this movie, the debut film of writer and director Cory Finley.

Thoroughbreds (2017) is starred by the always interesting Anya Taylor-Joy, and Olivia Cooke, known for some recent titles in the horror and science fiction genres like Ouija (2014) or The Signal (2014) –watch our review here–. Also, sadly marks the last movie filmed by the late Anton Yelchin before the fatal domestic accident that ended his life in 2016. With them, it is also starred by Paul Sparks, Kaili Vernoff, Francie Swift, Leah Procito and Stephanie Atkinson.

The movie has had this year a good run in all sorts of international film festivals achieving a good handful of nominations and some winnings, being screened at Sundance Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Chicago International Film Festival or London Film Festival just to name some of the most important ones. The official theatrical release date in the USA and UK is the 9th of March 2018. To be updated of more news about Thoroughbreds (2017), don’t miss to follow its official Facebook page And here you can watch the first Red Band teaser for the movie:

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