Christmas dinner goes very wrong in horror film “Hosts”

Christmas dinner goes very wrong in horror film "Hosts"

With this fucking Coronavirus pandemic we have lost track of time. I am sure this is not something only I feel because we were starting the Spring and, one of a sudden, we got the lockdown. And where did the summer go? Luckily we are not in the Christmas season yet, we first have to pass Halloween, but that won’t stop us from talking today about horror-thriller Hosts (2020).

In the movie, a family invites their neighbors over for dinner to celebrate Christmas Eve with them, unaware that their guests are now carriers of an evil entity determined to take over the planet. In this thriller full of sinister twists, what should be a silent night becomes a terrifying struggle for survival.

Hosts (2020) is the debut feature film of the tandem formed by writers and directors Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, who also serve as the executive producers, editors, and cinematographers of the film. Neal Ward, Nadia Lamin, Frank Jakeman, Lee Hunter, Samantha Loxley, and Jennifer K Preston form the main cast.

The movie is being screened today at Sitges Film Festival at the Midnight X-Treme section where it competes as Best Film. You can also find it online via Dark Sky Films. Here you can watch the official trailer for Hosts (2020).