“Death Hunt”: A land developer and his girlfriend are hunted

"Death Hunt": A land developer and his girlfriend are hunted

Death Hunt (2022) serves as some kind of a remake of 1970s sexploitation classic Open Season (1974), where three young men take a young woman and a middle-aged man to an isolated cabin where they are terrorized in different ways.

In this new movie, traveling to their weekend retreat, are taken hostage by a group of men and brought to a remote island. Here they fight for survival as the men release them into the wild and hunt them for sport. The homage and influences of the 1980s are present through the film.

Neil Mackay, known for the horror-action movies Sixty Minutes to Midnight (2017) and Battleground (2012), is the writer and director of Death Hunt (2022).

The main cast is formed by Marlene Malcolm, Rick Amsbury, Michael Coughlan, Mason Cromwell, Frank Ieraci, Greg Johnston, Peter Lewis, Omar Tucci, and Terry McDonald.

Death Hunt (2022) is already available on digital and DVD by Uncorkā€™d Entertainment. Watch here its official trailer.