Divine or demonic? Take a look at horror film “Demigod”

Divine or demonic? Take a look at horror film "Demigod"
Sarah Fisher in Demigod (2021). Photo © 2021 Historia Films, LLC

In religious beliefs, a demigod or demigoddess is a part-human and part-divine offspring of a deity and a human, or a human or non-human creature that is accorded divine status after death, or someone who has attained the “divine spark” (spiritual enlightenment). An immortal demigod (-dess) often has tutelary status and a religious cult following, and, of course,, it could be divine or demonic.

The movie Demigod (2021) centers on a woman and her husband who follow upon the death of her grandfather return to her birthplace in Germany’s Black Forest, only to find a terrifying secret awaits them.

This is the new movie from Miles Doleac, an actor who has been in films like Shark Lake (2015), Don’t Kill It (2016), Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies (2017), or Santa Jaws (2018), and has already written and directed the films The Historian (2014), The Hollow (2016), Demons (2017), Hallowed Ground (2019), and The Dinner Party (2020). He has also been the author of the screenplay together with Michael Donovan Horn.

Demigod (2021) is starring Rachel Nichols, Jeremy London, Elena Sanchez, Sherri Eakin, Manon Pages, Lindsay Anne Williams, Yohance Myles, Christian Stokes, Mike Mayhall, Sarah Fisher, Tatiana Piper, and the director Miles Doleac in a supporting role.

Gravitas Ventures has the distribution rights for the movie and it has scheduled it for a limited theatrical and digital release on October 15, 2021. Here you can watch the trailer for Demigod (2021).

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