Eric Roberts stars in science-fiction thriller “Alien Vampire Busters”

Eric Roberts stars in science-fiction thriller "Alien Vampire Busters"
Eric Roberts in Alien Vampire Busters (2021)

Today we talk about a new movie starring Eric Roberts, the performing actor with more screen credits alive (not including voice actors, of course). And, as he is having us accustomed, he is part of the cast of a low-budget science-fiction and thriller. This is Alien Vampire Busters (2021).

The movie is set in a sleepy town where alien vampires, corrupt politicians, and strange locals collide at the dawn of the apocalypse. Eric Roberts plays Mayor Macmillan.

This is the new movie directed by Robert Nemere after the horror film Slaughter Weekend (2010), which included in its cast the appearances of Ron Jeremy and Lloyd Kaufman. He has also been the writer together with Will d Parry.

Besides Eric Roberts, the cast for Alien Vampire Busters (2021) is formed by Andy Dick, Mike Ferguson, Shawn C. Phillips, Felissa Rose, Jeremy London, Lara Jean Sullivan, and Dave Sheridan.

The movie is coming out on August 1st, 2021. Here you can watch the official teaser trailer for Alien Vampire Busters (2021).

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