Experiments beyond space and time in mystery thriller “One and the Same”

Experiments beyond space and time in mystery thriller "One and the Same"

Time-traveling has always been one of the most favorite science-fiction themes since the genre was invented, perhaps even before exploring the universe or dealing with mysterious creatures. That’s why the existence of a title like One and the Same (2021) is good news for the followers of stories bending the laws of time and space.

When a young woman, Lola, is invited to a secret facility, she discovers an experiment beyond space and time. After uncovering her own past life as a teenage boy named Robbie, she embarks on a malevolent path for justice against the ex-con who killed him.

After winning the Gold Award at California Film Awards with his short film The Fringe of Existence (2018), Felipe Cisneros debuts as writer and director of a feature film with One and the Same (2021).

Acoryé White, Makena Taylor, Glenn Plummer, Ignacyo Matynia, Morgan Davis, Eric Colley, Olivia Day, Grace Korkunis, Michael Maclane, Josh Gilmer, Xander Bailey, Stacie Capone, and Ruby Park form the main cast.

Filming for One and the Same (2021) took place from March 26 to April 11, 2019 in Mexico and California. On February 4, 2021, Gravitas Ventures acquired the distribution rights to the film and released it on March 23, 2021, on Blu-ray and on-demand. Here you can watch its trailer.