First teaser trailer of the new season of “True Detective”

First teaser trailer of the new season of "True Detective"

It was back in 2014, already in this new golden age of TV series, that a particular show called True Detective outstood in front of many others. The premise wasn’t the most original one, it’s a formula already seen other times. Two detectives with very different personalities, incarnated by the superb duo formed by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, must investigate strange sordid murders committed in the America state of Louisiana, with Michelle Monaghan, Michael Potts and Tory Kittles completing the main cast.

The original True Detective series was conceived as a sole season consisting of 8 episodes of less than one hour, a conclusive series, aired from January to March 2014. But after the success of the show, HBO pushed the creator Nic Pizzolatto to develop a new season due to air the upcoming year. In that second season the story, scenario and characters changed. Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilly and Vince Vaughn starred and the action was set in California. Although it maintained the number of viewers of the first season, the freshness and magic were gone, and the second season is merely a decent detectives story.

True Detective seemed to be deceased for the public, but HBO head of programming Casey Bloys thought different. “It is not dead. I talked to Nic about it and both Nic [Pizzolatto] and HBO are open to another season. I don’t think Nic has a take and he’s working on some other projects. We’re open to somebody else writing it and Nic supervising it. It’s a valuable franchise, it’s not dead, we just don’t have a take for a third season yet” stated Bloys in July 2016. And this has finally materialized.

The third season for True Detective has been finally written by Nic Pizzolatto, who is also co-director together with Jeremy Saulnier and Daniel Sackheim. As its predecessors, it will consist of 8 episodes and will be a stand alone. Mahershala Ali, Oscar winner for his performance in Moonlight (2016), stars the show incarnating Detective Wayne Hays. Stephen Dorff, Carmen Ejogo and Ray Fisher complete the main cast. The third season is expected to open on HBO in January next year, and as happened in the first season the action will occur in different periods of time. Both the TV channel and the series creator Nic Pizzolatto have stated their intentions of getting the essence of the early True Detective back in the show. That is going to be a hard quest, the chemistry between the characters and the dry and creepy ambientation of the scenes and action, together with very well penned dialogs made the first season of True Detective a TV product almost impossible to replicate.

For the moment, HBO has made public the first teaser trailer for the series follow-up. Check it out here: