First trailer for “Lady of the Damned Forest”, premiering in November

First trailer for "Lady of the Damned Forest", premiering in November

Lady of the Damned Forest (2017) is the debut feature film for Romania born filmmaker George Karja. It is the long length version of his short film La Dama del Bosque Maldito (2009). Both the short and the long length have been written by Karjia based on a story of his own. In it, a group of friends climb the mountain in search of a new adventure. But their trip takes an unexpected turning point after the first night since Marta tells her friends an ancient legend about “the lady of the damned forest”. Nobody knows if that tale could be true.

This independent spanish movie is starred by Beatriz Urzáiz, Giselle Carrera, George Karja, Daniela M. Xandru, José Fopiani, Mariana Rezk, and Rubén del Álamo Gómez.

Lady of the Damned Forest (2017) will premiere in Spain the 17th of November, in the meantime, you can check out its first official trailer here:

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