Haunted house horror-thriller “Missing Girl” is out in India tomorrow

Haunted house horror-thriller "Missing Girl" is out in India tomorrow

The country of India, known for its Bollywood productions full of romance, dances, and silly action movies, is starting to become a serious provider of horror movies, especially the ones regarding ghosts and folklore myths, and strong in the supernatural and the horror aspects, far from the most popular colorful and cheerful mainstream films. Missing Girl (2023) is one of the obscure scary stories that is coming out this year.

In the movie, a man decides to create a ghost story to prevent his old bungalow from being sold so they begin formulating an action plan. What will they do when they find out that the bungalow is actually haunted?

Missing Girl (2023) has been developed by the debutants Abdul Rasheed as the director, and Vishal Vishwanathan and Afsal K Aziz, who is also playing a supporting role, in charge of the screenplay.

The main cast is formed of Ashika Ashokan, Sanju Somanath, Bhaskar Arvind, Deljo Dominic, Vishnu Balakrishnan, Santhosh Krishna, Jinesh Sadanandan, Harikrishnan Sharu, Sathyan Koppam, and Shaheer Muhammad.

Missing Girl (2023) is coming out in India on May 19, 2023. We will have to wait for international release dates. Watch here its official trailer.