Heavy metal and gore: Take a look at “Death to Metal”

Heavy metal and gore: Take a look at "Death to Metal"

The combination of heavy metal and gory horror with a dosage of comedy has always worked pretty well, and, in the last years, we’ve had a few titles making a statement to keep the subgenre alive. Movies like Deathgasm (2015) or Death Rot (2014), might be the most representative of heavy metal meets horror, while punk rock has been also following the steps with titles like Green Room (2015), Uncle Peckerhead (2020), and Spare Parts (2020). This December we will be pleased with the release of another metal horror film, Death to Metal (2019). And, as the movie headline says, it’s time to turn the gore knob up to 11.

The movie centers on a disturbed priest who after a freak accident is transformed into a mutated killing machine on a mission to wipe out the godless fans of heavy metal music. And, of course, they will fight back.

This is the new movie by Tim Connery after the science-fiction and thriller Black Web (2012). He has also been the writer of the screenplay together with Kevin Koppes.

The main cast for Death to Metal (2019) is headed by Dan Flannery, known for having appeared in movies like The Straight Story (1999), 8 of Diamonds (2006), and Contagion (2011), plays the wicked priest, Father Brennan. Andrew Jessop, Neal Kapp, Charlie Lind, Grace Melon, Alex Stein, Steve Thompson, Sean Weis, and Dean Wellman also star.

Death to Metal (2019) has been present in several genre film festivals like Spooky Empire Film Festival, SoHo Horror Film Festival, and PDXtreme – Portland Underground Film Festival, and also was nominated for the Jury Prize for Best Film and won Best Script in Sant Cugat Fantàstic. After a limited theatrical release on July 10, 2020, now it is scheduled for a digital release on December 7, 2021, by Wild Eye Releasing.

Watch here the official trailer for Death to Metal (2019).

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