Horror and comedy hold hands in bizarre “Ankle Biters”

Horror and comedy hold hands in bizarre "Ankle Biters"

The premise for Ankle Biters (2021) is so silly that it instantly calls my attention as a title to add to my must-see list of the season. Four adorable little girls plot to murder a hockey player after they mistake an act of lovemaking for an attack on their mom. And if the final film is so silly and wicked as the premise insinuates, this can be a fun watch.

Also known as Cherrypicker, the movie centers on Sean, a pro hockey enforcer, who has fallen in love with Laura, a widowed mother of four young daughters. When Laura’s children mistake the sex acts as an attack, they plot to protect their mother at all costs and with horrific results.

This is the debut feature film of Bennet De Brabandere, who achieved a good collection of nominations and awards with his post-apocalyptic short film Salvation (2014). He has also been the author of the screenplay based on a story by actor and stunts artist Zion Forrest Lee (Suicide Squad (2016), xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)).

Marianthi Evans, who has been seen in action and thriller productions like Max Payne (2008), Pay in Full (2010), and the Defiance (2013–2015) TV series, plays the role of Laura, the mother, while the writer of the story Zion Forrest Lee is Sean Chase, the lover. Together with them Violet Reid, Lily Gail Reid, Dahlia Reid, Rosalee Reid, Colin Mochrie, Alex Gordon, Matia Jackett, Michael Copeman, Jani Lauzon, and Evert Houston form the main cast.

The movie had a limited release in Canada, and now it is scheduled to come out on digital and DVD by Dark Star Pictures. Watch here the trailer for Ankle Biters (2021).