“House Red”: A couple finds their remote vineyard hides a big terror

"House Red": A couple finds their remote vineyard hides a big terror

Perhaps it is against popular opinion, but I must admit I have a weakness for Natasha Henstridge. Not only she debuted in a feature film starring one of my favorite science-fiction titles when I was a kid, Species (1995), but also she is the protagonist of one of my top5 movies of all time, Ghosts of Mars (2001) –why do people hate this movie so much? Perhaps not the best John Carpenter work but that flick is a real tutorial on how to make an action horror!-.

Although finished a few years ago, one of her latest works, House Red (2019), is coming out digitally this month, so that deserves some attention.

The movie centers on a couple who travels to a remote vineyard in the south of Italy to spend the summer grape-picking but they soon discover that there is more to the terror than meets the eye.

The movie was produced, co-written, and directed by Coz Greenop, also responsible for Dark Beacon (2017) and Demon Baby (2015). Lee Apsey was the co-writer of the screenplay.

Besides Natasha Henstridge, the cast in House Red (2019) is formed by Clara Paget, Nicola Posener, Tamer Hassan, Jasmine Waltz, Sean Cronin, Ariadna Cabrol, and Gary Mavers.

The movie was part of the British Independent Film Festival in 2019 where it achieved the awards for Best Director and was nominated for Best Feature Film and Best Actress. Now, it is scheduled for a digital release on November 14, 2022.

Watch the trailer for House Red (2019) here.