Ice-T joins the cast for “Clinton Road”

Ice-T joins the cast for "Clinton Road"

Ice-T might probably be better known for his award winning hip hop albums and performances, and for being the frontman from the heavy metal band Body Count, but in addition to that he is also a prolific actor. He has appeared in films like Johnny Mnemonic (1995) or Tank Girl (1995) and was a recurrent main cast member for the TV series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2000-2017). This year he released the straight to video and VoD vampire mafia film Bloodrunners (2017), and it seems like he is going to stay in the horror genre for a while longer, because it’s been announced he signed for film Clinton Road.

Clinton Road is a real life road deep within the New Jersey pine barren woods that has become some kind of spooky urban legends and paranormal sightings. In the movie, a gang of bold teenagers who discover themselves stranded, scrambling against a sadistic satanic occult. They journey down a real life ghostly road to confront a maniacal circle of Satanists that relinquish their lives in jeopardy. The road and region around it over the years have gained infamy as an area ubiquitous with several legends of paranormal occurrences with sightings of ghosts, KKK, gatherings of witches, and most significantly, Satanic activity. Ice-T will be playing the weird local guy who knows about all of the scary things and futilely warns the curious teens not to drive down Clinton Road.

Other cast members are Fredro Starr, Erin O’Brien, Vincent Young, Ace Young, Bo Dietl, Katie Morrison or Noel Ashman, and also Vincent Pastore a very recognizable face in crime and mob titles like Revolver (2005), The Family (2013), Goodfellas (1990) or The Sopranos (1999–2007), has a cameo. The movie is the direction debut for actor Steve Stanulis and is written by also debutant Derek Ross Mackay.

The announcement for the cast additions for Clinton Road was a Variety exclusive. The movie is still in the status of pre-production and has an estimated budget of $2,500,000.

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