Jamie Lee Curtis will debut as a director with climate change horror “Mother Nature” for Blumhouse

Jamie Lee Curtis will debut as a director with climate change horror "Mother Nature" for Blumhouse
Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her iconic role Laurie Strode in Halloween (2018)

Although in global in her career she might have performed roles in comedy features more often than any other genre, actress Jamie Lee Curtis will always be better known as one of the first Scream Queens since that term started to be used through the 1980s. And that is pretty easy to understand since her first movie role was the iconic Laurie Strode in the immortal John Carpenter classic Halloween (1978), a role that she has reprised in numerous sequels, including the recent series reboot Halloween (2018), and the upcoming Halloween Kills (2020) and Halloween Ends (2021). That Scream Queen status got consolidated with her early filmography, collaborating again with John Carpenter in The Fog (1980), and also starring Prom Night (1980) and Terror Train (1980). That is why nobody should be surprised when she has chosen the horror genre as the subject of her debut film as a director and co-writer.

The title of that upcoming project, still in the early steps of pre-production, is Mother Nature. The movie comes by the hand of Blumhouse Productions, the company who has been behind the most recent Halloween movies, and Comet Pictures. Russell Goldman, who was assistant to director David Gordon Green in Halloween (2018) and is Comet’s Head Of Film and TV Development, is been the co-author of the screenplay together with Jamie Lee Curtis.

As reported in Deadline, Jamie Lee Curtis has signed with Jason Blum a three-year deal with Blumhouse to develop several TV and film projects. And the first one happens to be Mother Nature, described as a horror project centered around climate change. In the interview with Deadline, Curtis stated “I’m 61 and my motto now is: ‘If not now, when, if not me, who?’ I’m excited to have a creative home to explore my own ideas and others. Jason [Blum] and his team have made me feel welcome. Comet is ready to bring these stories to screen life”. To what Jason Blum replied “Jamie is a force of nature and was a real partner on Halloween. So it’s both an honor and incredibly apt that she’s making her first feature film as a director with Mother Nature”.

With Halloween Kills (2020) and Halloween Ends (2021) still yet to come, and another project in which Jamie Lee Curtis is involved as the producer, director, and star as is TV movie How We Sleep at Night: The Sara Cunningham Story, it is yet unknown when the filming for Mother Nature will start. First, we will see her starring in mockumentary comedy Senior Entourage, science-fiction flick Everything Everywhere All at Once, and she has also been announced to be part of the main cast of action-comedy Spychosis.

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