Jealousy and an unhealthy mind hold hands in thriller “Final Stop”

Jealousy and an unhealthy mind hold hands in thriller "Final Stop"

Who said love was easy? You decide to spend a notorious amount of your time with that one person, open up feelings and thoughts so personal that sometimes you didn’t even know you had, and at the end, you don’t know who that person that became so important to you really is. Because not everybody is in the same place, some people can have really bad intentions, and those are supposed to bloom sooner or later. And that is what happens in Final Stop (2021).

The movie centers on a driver who is confronted by years of pent-up trauma and unresolved emotional damage when he meets the love of his life and her abusive boyfriend. It’s one hell of a ride.

This is the new movie from Jeffrey J. Moore, the first one alone behind the cameras after his debut co-directing cyber-espionage thriller Hadron (2016). He’s also the producer and writer of the screenplay together with Sharif Shakhshir.

The main cast for Final Stop (2021) is formed by Kamy D. Bruder, Kelly McCart, Caroline Stella, Garrett Marchbank, Christopher Hazlehurst, Vince Rodriguez, and Sheila Edmiston.

Final Stop (2021) had its DVD premiere on June 1, 2021. Here you can watch its official extended cut trailer.

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