Jim Carrey hunting down a psycho killer in “Dark Crimes”

Jim Carrey hunting down a psycho killer in "Dark Crimes"
Photo © Bartosz Mrozowski

Dark Crimes (2016), originally called True Crimes, is a European dark detective drama thriller. Set and filmed in Poland, it is based on David Grann‘s article True Crime: A Postmodern Murder Mystery, about convicted murderer Krystian Bala, published in 2008 by The New Yorker. The screenplay is been penned by Jeremy Brock, who was also the writer of biography drama The Last King of Scotland (2006), winning the Best Adapted Screenplay award in 2007 BAFTA Awards.

Greek filmmaker Alexandros Avranas has been behind the cameras in Dark Crimes (2016). His most notorious work until the date is Miss Violence (2013), a drama about a horrid family drama and their elaborate facade where appearances can be deceiving and nothing is as it seems. His movie collected a good amount of award nominations and winnings, including Best Director and Best Euro-Mediterranean Film in 2013 Venice Film Festival.

With credentials like these, it is fair to get some interest in the movie. But even more if we take into consideration the list of actors starring the film. The most outstanding one is undoubtfully Jim Carrey playing Tadek, the detective in charge of the investigation of the crimes. The popular comedian has proved that he can be an excellent drama actor, with ace performances in titles like The Majestic (2001), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), The Number 23 (2007) or Kick-Ass 2 (2013). With him, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Marton Csokas, Kati Outinen, Vlad Ivanov, Agata Kulesza, Robert Wieckiewicz, Piotr Glowacki and Anna Polony also star.

In Dark Crimes (2016), Tadek is a detective who takes on a case involving the murder of a businessman. To his and everyone’s surprise, the case is identical to a character’s murder in a recently published novel by a man named Kozlow. While the crime appears to be an open and shut case, Tadek discovers a darker secret.

The movie has been rated R for strong and disturbing violent/sexual content including rape, graphic nudity, and language. The film had its world premiere at the Warsaw Film Festival on October 12, 2016, where it achieved several positive reviews. Video on Demand channel DirecTV has purchased the distribution rights for the movie opening the 19th of April. A month after, the 18th of May, it will have a theatrical release in some selected American locations.

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