“Killer Movie: Director’s Cut”: A film crew gets killed one by one

"Killer Movie: Director's Cut": A film crew gets killed one by one

Killer Movie (2008) was a horror-comedy about a reality television crew that is dispatched to a small town in North Dakota to cover the story of an underdog high school hockey team on their way to the state finals. But one by one, members of the cast and crew went missing. The movie came out without a fuss, but now the filmmakers have decided to give it a second chance and released it as the director’s cut.

It’s the Winter of 2008, and television director Jake Tanner is out of work. The reality show he was working on has been canceled, and his agent just landed him a new job. This one on a show tracing the unlikely winning streak of a North Dakota high school hockey team. Jake arrives in White Plains and something seems…off. A local cheerleader has had an “accident” that’s left the town shaken. Jake also has to deal with the high-maintenance celebrity Blanca Champion. She’s there trying to bounce back her latest tabloid scandal and doing research for a movie role. But when the cast and crew members start disappearing, Blanca proves to be the least of Jake’s worries. The body count is piling up fast, but who could be responsible? The ex-convict from the backwoods? The short-fused hockey coach? The cheerleader’s boyfriend? Jake kicks into overdrive to stop the killer and keep him and his crew alive. This all-new Director’s Cut has been completely overhauled for 2021.

The movie is starring a few people that back there were not known and in the last decade have risen some popularity, in a cast that includes Kaley Cuoco, Paul Wesley, Nestor Carbonell, Leighton Meester, Cyia Batten, Robert Buckley, Jason London, Maitland McConnell, and Al Santos.

Jeff Fisher, a filmmaker with a career in TV and documentaries, debuted with a feature film as the writer and director of Killer Movie (2008). After it, he continued with his TV trajectory and also directed the TV films thriller Killer Reality (2013) and comedy Christmas Camp (2018).

Since September 2021, Killer Movie: Director’s Cut (2021) is available on digital. Watch here its trailer.

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