Low-budget retro horror-comedy “Evil Everywhere” is out on DVD and digital

Low-budget retro horror-comedy "Evil Everywhere" is out on DVD and digital
Photo © Mykee Morettini

If you are the kind of viewer who likes the imagination and freedom of low-budget films, the silliness and gore of horror-comedies, and joins the club of this retro-hype that has been surrounding the genre in the last years you should pay attention to this little film called Evil Everywhere (2019).

The movie is set in 1985 when an ancient evil began slaughtering the senior class in alphabetical order – but it was stopped. Two years later the evil has resurfaced, and 20-year-old Jake Davis hunts down Zeke Zanderfeldt – a reclusive former classmate who put an end to the evil previously – to find a pattern to take down the evil again. Along with former high school theater queen Julia Lochley (who also practices in the dark arts), the trio band together against the demonic force that is claiming young lives each day. But what they discover might be more complicated than any of them bargained for.

Evil Everywhere (2019) is the debut feature film of writer, cinematographer, editor, producer, camera operator, special effects makeup artist, and director Mykee Morettini after a wide collection of short films on his back.

The director also plays the role of Zeke Zanderfeldt in a cast that is completed with Dylan Mars Greenberg, Corrinne Mica, Leland Masek, Brian Harmony, Leonardo Jiménez, and Carolyn Hansen.

Wild Eye Releasing is distributing the movie that came out on DVD and digital on May 25, 2021. Here you can watch the trailer for Evil Everywhere (2019).

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