Mads Mikkelsen is on a revenge quest in Danish action thriller “Riders of Justice”

Mads Mikkelsen is on a revenge quest in Danish action thriller "Riders of Justice"
Nicolas Bro, Lars Brygmann, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, and Mads Mikkelsen in Riders of Justice (2020). Photo © Rolf Konow

Today Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is the big name of the day. We just learned he is joining stars Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and director James Mangold, for the new upcoming Indiana Jones movie, expected in the summer of 2022 [exclusive via Deadline]. But, also, the star of many fan favorites like Polar (2019), Valhalla Rising (2009), Casino Royale (2006), and Hannibal (2013–2015) TV series has a new movie ready, Riders of Justice (2020).

Also known as Retfærdighedens ryttere in the original Danish language, this action thriller centers on Markus, a deployed military man, who has to go home to his teenage daughter, Mathilde, when his wife dies in a tragic train accident. It seems to be plain bad luck – but it turns out that it might have been a carefully orchestrated assassination, which his wife ended up being a random casualty of. A mathematics geek, who was also a fellow passenger on the train, and his two colleagues show up.

The movie is directed by Anders Thomas Jensen, one of the most acclaimed action and comedy filmmakers in Denmark who has had Mads Mikkelsen under his command in all his acclaimed previous works, Flickering Lights (2000), The Green Butchers (2003), Adam’s Apples (2005), and Men & Chicken (2015). He has been also the writer of the screenplay based on his story created together with BAFTA Awards nominated for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) screenwriter Nikolaj Arcel.

Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Andrea Heick Gadeberg, Lars Brygmann, Nicolas Bro, Gustav Lindh, Roland Møller, Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt, Omar Shargawi, Jacob Lohmann, Henrik Noël Olesen, Gustav Dyekjær Giese, and Anne Birgitte Lind complete the main cast.

Riders of Justice (2020) has been part of some international film festivals this year, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Glasgow Film Festival, Luxembourg City Film Festival, and Seattle International Film Festival, where it has been nominated and winner of several awards. The movie will have a limited theatrical release on May 14, 2021, and be finally available on-demand on May 21, 2021.

Here you can watch the final trailer for Riders of Justice (2020).

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