“Mystery of Journey”: A demonic possession horror-romance out in India this week

"Mystery of Journey": A demonic possession horror-romance out in India this week

Mystery of Journey (2023) is a horror and romance story of a husband who after forsaking his family and religion he finds his wife is demoniacally possessed.

The movie follows Amar and Vandana and their love test. Amar has to play with his life to save Vandana and the story begins in a mode where a big man named Rahul Mehra meets Amar and pays him a price for doing his work. Amar sets out on his way to work. After coming to the heart, Holi incidents start happening with Amar, Amar does not understand anything, but Amar starts solving the puzzles while doing one. Now she meets an old man who informs her to leave. And Amar keeps doing his work by avoiding her talk, he also feels the lack of Vandana but due to working, he is unable to give time to Vandana. Amar gets a life-threatening attack and Amar learns that the house is possessed by an evil spirit. Then Amar calls his friend Sanjay to control that soul but Sanjay fails to control that soul. And Sanjay loses his life. Then Amar seems to have run away from that bungalow. He meets a madman. And through the same madman, Amar comes to know about the lover of the soul. Priya. And Amar goes to the leaf of that lover, beating him. And she finds a boy named Kunal there. Kunal tells Amar about Priya and her father. Amar comes back to the bungalow and he has to play on his life. After all the incidents, Vandana comes to the bungalow and is the victim of that soul. becomes. Then in these circumstances, Amar gets into a lot of trouble, seeing his love in this trouble, Amar is unable to do anything. In all these circumstances, will Amar be able to stalk Priya’s murderer and save his Vandana from this condition? This is a mystery of a journey.

This is the new movie by Mangesh Saindane after his horror tale Anhonee (2022). Dhananjay Galani, who has international experience having worked as a set crew and sales representative in English-language titles like Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (2012), Parker (2013), The Colony (2013), Thor: The Dark World (2013), Sabotage (2014), and The November Man (2014), is the writer of the screenplay.

Irfan Shaikh, Karishma Chavan, Abhijeet Goenka, Priya Surte, Charu Desale, Prashant Mahajan, Ravi Salve, Ajay Targe, Noor Ali, and Pallavi Odhekar form the main cast in Mystery of Journey (2023).

The movie is having a limited theatrical release in India on May 12, 2023, and we will wait for international exhibition dates.

Watch the official trailer (in the Hindi language, sadly without English subtitles) for Mystery of Journey (2023).