A new American remake for “The Grudge” is on the way

A new American remake for "The Grudge" is on the way

In the early 2000s, an invasion of Japanese horror films took over the world. Ringu (1998), Audition (1999), Dark Water (2002), Pulse (2001) and Ju-on: The Grudge (2002) scared audiences internationally becoming an instant social phenomena. This last title, the first one of a saga created by Takashi Shimizu, already had its American remake and sequel with The Grudge (2004) and The Grudge 2 (2006), both of them directed by Shimizu himself and with a display of popular international faces like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Tamblyn, Clea DuVall, Grace Zabriskie and Bill Pullman.

Now it’s been announced that a new remake is in the works. This time, the original creator of the whole Ju-on/The Grudge franchise Takashi Shimizu doesn’t seem to be part of the new project. This time the chosen director to be behind the cameras has been Nicolas Pesce, whose debut film The Eyes of My Mother (2016) was a very personal horror drama that had achieved some nominations and awards in the 2016-2017 season, including being nominated for Audience Award in Sundance Film Festival 2016.

In the original movie, Rika is a young woman in Japan who takes care of an old woman named Sachie. While she is at the house, Rika finds a young boy named Toshio. She eventually finds about a curse, that anyone who enters the house will be killed by the spirit of Kayako. Rika must get herself out of the curse before it’s too late.

Not much of the cast in this new adaptation has been revealed, but it is confirmed that British actress Andrea Riseborough, popular for her supporting roles in titles like Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014), Oblivion (2013) and Nocturnal Animals (2016), will lead the cast.

Check out the trailer for Ju-on: The Grudge (2002), the original Japanese movie that started the whole saga: