Nicolas Cage nonstop: Trailer for “Looking Glass”

As I mentioned before, this could be the year Nicolas Cage wins back some of the lost prestige. Not all of it, of course, the damage done is too big. First, January saw how his horror black comedy Mom and Dad (2017) saw the light with some good positive reviews. Also, this past weekend Sundance Film Festival had the pleasure to have a screening of Panos CosmatosMandy (2018), a movie that was acclaimed in the prestigious independent film festival and where it is fair to think Nicolas Cage’s performance has something to do with the cheers.

Now it’s the time to talk about Looking Glass (2018). This movie is a horror thriller about a couple who buy a desert motel and then they find that strange, mysterious events occur. When your new business starts to get the visits of the weirdest people, one can start to suspect the most horrible secrets lay between its walls. The movie is written by Jerry Rapp together with Matthew Wilder, who already wrote another Nicolas Cage flick Dog Eat Dog (2016). The direction of the film has been in charge of veteran TV and movie director Tim Hunter.

Looking Glass (2018) is rated R for sexual content, violence and language, so let’s expect something more than the mild frights these kinds of titles tend to provide. The movie was filmed in several locations around Utah, USA. American release date has been set for the 16th of February this year. Together with Nicolas Cage, Robin Tunney, Marc Blucas, Ernie Lively, Jacque Gray, Bill Bolender, Barry Jay Minoff, Jason K. Wixom, Kimmy Jimenez and Kassia Conway also star.

Check out the trailer for Looking Glass (2018):