Olga Kurylenko is accused to murder her child in “The Bay of Silence”

Olga Kurylenko is accused to murder her child in "The Bay of Silence"

After she made the big jump to the stardom with her role as the mysterious and lethal Camille in James Bond’s Quantum of Solace (2008), Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko has become one of those faces who is very easy to see in thriller films. Previous to her 007 role, she already participated in two action-packed videogames adaptations, Hitman (2007) and Max Payne (2008), which were followed by The Assassin Next Door (2009), Erased (2012), A Perfect Day (2015), Momentum (2015), and The Courier (2019), where she already could enjoy of a top billing name. She has also been part of mystery comedies like Seven Psychopaths (2012), Vampire Academy (2014), and Johnny English Strikes Again (2018), and horror titles like Mara (2018) and The Room (2019).

The Bay of Silence (2020) is another mystery thriller to enlarge her list. In it, Kurylenko plays Rosalind, a woman suspected for the murder of her son, while her husband Will believes of her complete innocence. But as he starts to dig deep into her, the devastating truth behind her past links her to another unsolved crime.

The movie is based on the novel written by Lisa St Aubin de Terán, and with the text adaptation by Caroline Goodall, a popular actress known for Hook (1991), Cliffhanger (1993), and Schindler’s List (1993) that is debuting as the screenwriter. Paula van der Oest, a multi-awarded filmmaker responsible for films like Moonlight (2002), Black Butterflies (2011), The Domino Effect (2012), and Lucia de B. (2014) has been in charge of the direction.

Besides Olga Kurylenko, The Bay of Silence (2020) is also starred by Claes Bang, Brian Cox, Assaad Bouab, Alice Krige, Shalisha James-Davis, Litiana Biutanaseva, Lilibet Biutanaseva, Duncan Duff, Maroussia Frank, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Hannah van der Westhuysen, and the screenwriter Caroline Goodall. The movie will have a limited theatrical release on August 28, 2020, and later will be available on Video on Demand on September 28, 2020. Here you can watch the trailer for The Bay of Silence (2020).

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