“On Halloween”: Australia also has its own Halloween killings

"On Halloween": Australia also has its own Halloween killings
Aaron J. March, Ivan Topic, and Giselle van der Wiel in On Halloween (2020). Photo © Boiling Point Pictures

Because being a serial murderer for Halloween is not exclusive for little American towns and superhuman immortal beings like Michael Myers, today we bring an alternative that comes all the way from Australia. Get ready for horror-thriller On Halloween (2020).

The movie is the new title of writer and director Timothy Boyle, who has also been the editor and cinematographer of the film. He is known for being behind Pros and Ex-Cons (2005) and is currently working with John Rhys-Davies in science-fiction thriller Shadow Wars.

In On Halloween (2020), a journalist goes in search of the truth after a series of brutal deaths and disappearances lead back to an urban legend about a serial killing clown that has stalked the woods of Century Park for over a hundred years.

Giselle van der Wiel, Telen Rodwell, Aaron J. March, Robert Harrell, James Pratt, Daniel Musial, Ezekiel Simat, Conor Fogarty, Brandon Paterson, Ivan Topic, Anna Bauert, Daniel Cummings, Terry Serio, Patch May, and Barbara Hastings star in On Halloween (2020). Produced by Boiling Point Pictures, the movie is already available in the USA and the UK via Vertical Entertainment and is set to be released in Australia on Halloween day.

Here you can watch the trailer for On Halloween (2020).

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