One-take thriller “Dash” follows a car-share driver on the dangerous Hollywood nights

One-take thriller "Dash" follows a car-share driver on the dangerous Hollywood nights

When you first take a look at the thriller Dash (2022), the first thing that calls your attention is that the movie is advertised as a legitimate one-take picture, consisting of zero cuts throughout its duration of over an hour and a half. And you don’t have to be a cinematographic techniques enthusiast to get attracted to this fact, since it will always give the movie a theater-like feeling way different than the laboratoresque over-edited films we are used to getting nowadays.

The movie follows Milly, your average everyday rideshare driver preparing himself for a night shift behind the wheel by purchasing a massive amount of cocaine from a prostitute. On the perilous Hollywood streets, he attempts to sell the drugs to his unassuming passengers including a homosexual thruple, some phone-obsessed gen Z’ers, and even an off-duty police officer. His attempt to illegally fund his sinful actions takes a literal turn for the worse when he picks up a drug addict going through severe withdrawal. Desperately trying to take his nefarious, double-life to the grave, he continues on only to keep digging a deeper grave for himself.

This is the debut feature film written, produced, and directed by Sean Perry after being behind several short films and some occasional small acting roles in Saturday Night Live (1975– ). He also plays a small supporting role in Dash (2022).

Alexander Molina plays Milly, the driver of the car and conductor of the story, in a cast that is also formed by Monette Moio, Paige Grimard, Shah Granville, Audra Alexander, Nick Laughlin, Casey Hanley, Donell James Foreman, Kate Marley, Alexa Vellanoweth, Lize Johnston, and Marcel Logan.

The movie had its premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in April this year, and now it will be part of Beyond Fest this week. The film is distributed by XYZ Films.

You can find more information about the screenings here.