Psychological sci-fi thriller “River” premieres on VoD today

Psychological sci-fi thriller "River" premieres on VoD today

The emotions of a young girl that lost her mother too soon are the concept to explore in the psychological sci-fi thriller River (2021), a minimalistic movie that plays the cards of holding some unexpected surprises.

The movie centers on River Allen, a 20-something woman who searches for her fragmented identity. After her mother’s death, River has spiraled emotionally out of control. When she disappears for over a week with no recollection of how she returned home, River loses all sense of self and purpose. Disturbing, nightmarish images haunt her mind. She believes that she has lost her grip on reality, which she believes is due to her grieving for her departed mother. But a darker, undiscovered secret taunts her. River’s best friend, Amanda Banks, guides her on a self-discovery journey to find the truth. However, River soon discovers that Amanda conceals her own frightening secrets. Faced with her shattered psyche, River fights for her sanity which is tormented by nightmares that have originated from the surrounding forest. Will she uncover the disturbing truth that could save her, or will she slip deeper into insanity?

This is the debut feature film of writer, producer, cinematographer, and director Emily Skye, who achieved a good collection of awards and nominations with her short film River (2020) that served as the source for the long-length feature movie.

As in the short film, the main character is performed by Mary Cameron Rogers, also known for a small role in Under the Silver Lake (2018). Courtney Gains, Becki Hayes, Rob Marshall, and Alexandra Rose complete the main cast.

River (2021) will be available on digital on July 13, 2021. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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