Sci-fi thriller “Before the Fire” will come out sometime this summer [trailer]

Sci-fi thriller "Before the Fire" will come out sometime this summer [trailer]

Sometimes it is amazing how reality looks like fiction, and vice-versa. Science-fiction thriller Before the Fire (2020), also known as The Great Silence, had its world premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival on the 7th of March, immediately preceding the national lockdown in the USA. A situation almost all of us worldwide can get related to, and it can be a little freaky how the filmmakers hit the spot.

The story of Before the Fire (2020) is placed deep in the throes of a global pandemic, where up-and-coming TV star, Ava Boone, is forced to flee the mounting chaos in Los Angeles and return to her rural hometown. But as she struggles to acclimate to a way of life she left behind long ago, her homecoming attracts a dangerous figure from her past threatening both her and the family that serves as her only sanctuary. Something more dangerous than any virus is waiting for her. Instead of shelter, her South Dakota hometown brings her face to face with unforeseen peril.

Before the Fire (2020) is the debut film of director Charlie Buhler, after her short film Aegis (2013). The movie has been written by Jenna Lyng Adams, better known for her appearance in crime thriller Uncle John (2015) and 2-times Golden Globes winner comedy TV series The Kominsky Method (2018– ), who is also the star of the film. together with her, Jackson Davis, Ryan Vigilant, Charles Hubbell, Dakota Morrissiey, Tim Driscoll, M.J. Karmi, Lisa Goodman, and John Tague also star.

About Before the Fire (2020), director Charlie Buhler said “we fought to make this movie because we felt that there was a very specific expectation about the types of stories women were able to tell. Jenna [Lyng Adams] and I both love action and sci-fi, so we wanted to make a female protagonist that we women could really rally behind”. Screenwriter and star Jenna Lyng Adams added, “audiences are thirsty for unconventional, layered and imperfect women on-screen. Dark Sky Films has been known to support female driven films and we are happy to have found the right partnership for this movie”.

Before the Fire (2020) is expected to come out on domestic video and some theatrical release as soon as the current situation is back to more stable sometime during this summer via Dark Sky Films. Here you can watch the official trailer of the movie:

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