“Separation”: A young girl finds solace in her father and the ghost of her dead mother

"Separation": A young girl finds solace in her father and the ghost of her dead mother

Director William Brent Bell is back to what he knows how to do best: build creepy ghost stories where evil spirits are threatening a family. After his first horror film Stay Alive (2006), where a videogame was controlling the life –or, better said, the death– of its players, he shocked the world with the exorcism flick The Devil Inside (2012), which was followed by the supernatural popular movies Wer (2013), The Boy (2016), and its follow up Brahms: The Boy II (2020). In his most recent work, Separation (2021), a young girl is threatened by an entity while mourning for her recently deceased mother.

8-year-old Jenny is constantly caught in the middle of the feuding between her lawyer mother Maggie and artist father Jeff. She leads a lonely but imaginative life, surrounded by puppets called “Grisly Kin”, which are based on the works of her father. When Maggie is tragically killed in a hit-and-run, Jeff and Jenny try to piece together a new life. But when Maggie’s father sues for custody, and babysitter Samantha tries to be the new woman of the house, life in their Brooklyn townhome takes a dark turn. The puppets and frightening characters come to life and Jenny is the only person who can see them. When the motives of the ghoulish creatures become clear, the lives of everyone are put very much in jeopardy.

Separation (2021) has been written by Nick Amadeus and Josh Braun. Brian Cox, Rupert Friend, Madeline Brewer, Mamie Gummer, Violet McGraw, Troy James, Simon Quarterman, Manny Perez, and Chelsea Debo form the main cast.

In March 2021, Open Road Films and Briarcliff Entertainment acquired distribution rights to the film and set it for final release on April 30, 2021. Here you can watch the official trailer for Separation (2021).

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